Tuesday, August 20, 2019

NuMedia World TV And OnPassive, A Match Made In Heaven.

Original NuMedia World TV Owner James Bryant Correspondence With Mr. Ash Mufareh, Original Founder Of The OnPassive 100% Hands Free Automated Global Marketing.
(Slightly Edited From Original Correspondence)

Mr. Mufareh,

An Honor To Correspond With You Sir.

My Name Is James Bryant, Owner, NuMedia World TV.
(An Authorized Distributor/Promoter For Numedia Global Inc.)

And Global Founding Partner Of Our 100% Hands Free Marketing System.

I Would Like To Respectfully Ask You To Consider My Company
In A Partnership Or System Integration.

We Are A Streaming Media Service With 10,000 Subscribers And Realistic Company Goals Of 500,00 Subscribers By Next Year Alone. We Offer A Referral Program Where Any Subscriber Can Earn $10 Monthly Off Of Anyone They Refer.

Every Subscriber Is Highly incentivized,
To Refer 5 People In Order To Get Their Service For Free.

I Have 100% Automated And 100% Immediately Duplicate-able Systems In Place To Give Away 1 Week Free Trials To Our Service.

Our Service Sells Itself. Our Automated And Live Follow Up Turns Free Subscribers
Into Paying Monthly Customers.

The Fact That Our Service Is The Best In The World Turns Those Customers Into Lifelong Loyal Customers. Getting Their Service For Free By Referring 5 Friends Is A Bonus. They Receive A Thousand Times Better Service And Totally Eliminate A Major Bill, For A Lot Of People, Their Cable Bill.

All Subscribers Are Constanly Being Reminded To Refer 5 For Free Service. They Are Also Marketed The Business Opportunity.

I Also Have Completely Automated, 100% Hands Free Systems In Place To Target Business Opportunists And Internet Marketers.

The Subscribers Who Are Just Checking Out The Opportunity Or The Home Business Opportunity Folks Go Through The Same Automated And Duplicate-able System That Will Recruit, Train, Educate And Inform Them On How To Get Their Streaming Media Entertainment Income Stream Up And Running Immediately, Properly And Ready To Make Money.


They Can Become A Promoter By Choosing Between A Promoters Package $149, $299 And $499 Earning Personal Referral Bonuses Of $75, $150 And $300 To Help Them Build Their Business Quicker.

I Have A Completely Automated And Duplicate-able System In Place Right Now, A Massive Step By Step Point And Click Website And A Complete Video Series To Make Sure Every Promoter Is Set Up Quickly, Properly And Ready To Make Money.

They Will Just Need Traffic. 

As You Can See, OnPassive Is The Core Of  My Automated Marketing Systems I Have In Place In The Streaming Media Entertainment Niche.

We Have Now Begun Our Global Launch. We Are In Every Country Near Abouts That OnPassive Is. Hundreds Of Thousands And Then Millions Of Subscribers And Business Opportunity Folks, All Needing Traffic To Expand And We Have The Solution.

A Massive Global Launch In The Streaming Media Entertainment Niche Plus The 100 % Hands Free Marketing Launch Of OnPassive 100% Hands Free Global Marketing To Eliminate The 97% Failure Rate Of Home Business Entrepreneurs. That Is Our Goal, That Is Our Passion.

I Honestly And Truly Believe NuMedia World TV And OnPassive Is A Match Made In Heaven.  The Perfect Opportunities To Match Together, The Billion Dollar Streaming Media Entertainment Market Plus  100% Automated Hands Free Targeted Traffic.

In My 30 Years Of Designing Automated Mass Marketing Systems,
This Partnership Is The  Perfect Storm.

Looking Forward To Future Correspondence,


James Bryant    1-800-622-6865        James@NuMediaWorld.com

Monday, August 19, 2019

Attention Sports Fanatics ! Every NFL And College Game, UFC PPV Included !

Your NuMedia World TV Subscription Includes,

All Paid Sports Subscriptions, Including NFL Sunday Ticket And All College Football Games. Every Professional And Every College Football Game, UFC PPV, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice And MLS Is Included In Your 7 Day No Obligation NuMedia World TV Free Trial. 
Almost Every Sports Station In The US And Internationally. 

No Credit Card Needed.

If You Elect To Keep It, It's Only $49.95 Monthly.
If You Refer 5 Friends, Yours Is Free For Life. 

1,000 Times Better Service Plus You Totally Eliminate Your Cable Bill !

All Movie Channels, HBO Cine-max, Showtime etc.

10,000 + Movies On Demand And 1,000 + TV Series On Demand.

All Kids Channels And Kids Movies And TV Shows On Demand.

No Signup Fees, No Cancellation Fees, No Contracts.

7 Day Free Trial For Your Home TV's Plus All Your Other Mobile Devices.


The Best Entertainment Option On The Planet !

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Immediate Cash Checklist To Explode Your NuMedia Income Stream.

1- Make Sure You Have 2 Domain Names.

Make Sure One Is Forwarded To Your 7 Day Free Trial And The Other Is Forwarded To Your Business Opportunity.

To See Exactly How To Do This. Watch This Video (Complete Set Up Review)

Or This One Just On NuMedia Domain Name Set Up.

2- After Our Initial Phone Consultation, Immediately Implement The Targeted Marketing Advertising, Where And How I Shared With You. It Pours Out Subscribers, Takes The Pressure Off, Gives You Upfront Cash And Gives You Unstoppable Confidence.

You Will Immediately Begin Giving Out Lots Of Free Trials And A Lot Will Become Subscribers. You Are Filling An Immediate Need These People Are Actively Looking To Resolve.

We Have The Best Solution On The Planet For These People.

3- Implement The National Exposure Campaign. This Is Repeated Advertising Over A Period Of Time To Build Awareness And Will Result In Many Subscribers.

4- Become A Founding Member Of Our 100% Automated Hands Free Global Marketing. ($97)

90% Off The $997 Regular Price.

(Or) At The Very Least, Click Here To Be Placed On

My 100% Hands Free Marketing Notification List.

After You Get This Done, Your Business Will Continue To Grow Whether Or Not You Ever Did Anything Else. We Have Non Stop Perpetual Growth. We Just Have To Give You A Little Kick Start, To Get You Rolling, Then Your Business Will Grow While You Are Adding More And More To It.

Exactly What We Do And How We We Do It. (Marketing NuMedia)

Remember 2 Things.

(1)Your Business Is Marketing.

(2) Systems Duplicate And People Don't.

Here, I Will Show You How To Set Up Automated, Duplicatable Mass Marketing Systems.
But First, I Want To Explain How Everything Works.

Marketing Is  Advertising,

Your Only Job Is To Advertise.

We Advertise The Service. 
(1) Advertise Free Trials, In Order To Build A Subscriber Base. (The Service)

We Advertise The Opportunity.
(2) Advertise The Benefits Of Becoming A NuMedia Promoter
 To Home Business Entrepreneurs. (The Opportunity)

We Have Automated Systems In Place For This Purpose.

Those Systems Are In Place Now For Everyone.

I've Also Made Available To All NuMedia Promoters,


The Free NuMedia Automated And Duplicatable 
Mass Marketing System.

It Recruits, Informs, Educates And Trains 
NuMedia Promoters. 100% On Complete Auto-Pilot

It Then Shows Them Exactly What To Do To Get Set-Up 
Quickly, Properly And Ready To Make Money.

Finally, It Gives Them The Traffic They Need 
To Start Making Money Immediately.

No Time Is Wasted, We Only Concentrate On Doing What Works So Everyone Succeeds.

Members Of My Team Can Also Log In  And View Traffic Training Videos That I Haven't Released Publicly And Will Also Have Access To,

The NuMedia World TV Automated And Duplicatable Mass Marketing System.
For Subscribers.

It Does The Same Thing.

(1) It Advertises Free Trials In Order To Build A Subscriber Base. (The Service)

(2) It Simultaneously Advertises The Benefits Of Becoming A NuMedia Promoter
 To Home Business Entrepreneurs. (The Opportunity)

It Trains, Explains And Teaches Your Promoters Everything They Could Need To Know To Get Set Up Quick, Properly And Making Money Fast!
100% Hands Free, Completely Automated And Duplicatable.

Without Traffic However, We Have Nothing. 

 Your Business Is Marketing !

You Want To Drive As Many People As Possible To Your NuMedia Automated Systems.
 (Your Websites)

This Series Is Going To Show You How To Do Just That With My Top Automated Systems And Strategies.

Please Go To

Immediate Cash Checklist To Explode Your NuMedia Income Stream.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Insane Benefits Of Joining NuMedia World TV, Owner James Bryant.

After You Become A Promoter by Clicking Here, You Will Receive
Personal Support, Mentorship And Guidance From James Bryant. Phone, Email And Text.

I Will Never Allow Anyone To Not Know What To Do Next Or Get Stuck On Anything.

Call Me Because This Is Just To Sweet For The General Public.

I Put A Lot Of Information Out On My Websites But, I Can't Put Everything. Look, After You Join Me As A Promoter,

Pick Up The Phone And Call Me. 1-800-622-6865

I Will Tell You My Top Two Advertising Methods That Will Absolutely, Positively Put Subscribers In Your Base, Immediately, Guaranteed.

You Will Get Customers, Fast ! Guaranteed.
(Advertising Budget Of $100 To $200 Should Do Okay)

(1) Marketing Method For Subscribers. (Targeted Marketing)
I Have A Targeted Marketing Method That Immediately Signs Up Subscribers.
I Tell You Exactly What To Do,You Thank Me, You Start Getting Subscribers.

(2) Marketing Method For Subscribers. (National Exposure)
I Will Tell You How I'm Getting Up To 1.7 Million National Views A Month For Around A $100.

(3) Marketing Method For Business Opportunity Buyers'(Paid Traffic)
This Is A Paid Traffic Source That Will Put Your NuMedia Business Opportunity In Front Of People Who Are Actively Searching For What You Have To Offer. (80 To 400) Brand New Internet Clicks Searching For A Home Business.

#3 Can Be A Little Expensive So I Normally Implement It After You Have Made Some Decent Money.

Access To 100% Hands Free Marketing. (Reserve Your Spot) If You Can't Afford The $97 For Immediate Prime Placement In Our Global Launch, send email to james@numediaworld.com and ask to be placed on The Launch Notification List.

Reserve Your Spot In Our 100% Hands Free Global Launch.
By Becoming A Founder Today.

The Best Postcard Marketing System On Earth That Has Been Sold For $3,500.00 

Free Membership Instructions For 10 Of My Paid Traffic Training Websites, 
Located At http://www.TrafficBizPro.com

Each Membership Contains 10 Professional Videos Pertaining To Traffic Generation.
You Just Log In And Watch For Free. That's 100 Ways And Ideas On Video For You, To Generate Traffic.

Access To The NuMedia World TV Automated And Duplicatable Mass Marketing System.

This Website You Are On, All This Info, All My Youtube Videos etc., Working For You !

I Invite You To Go To The Marketing Masters Series For NuMedia Promoters.

Exactly What We Do And Exactly How We Are Doing It.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

NuMedia World TV. The New Media For The World

Huge Income Earnings From NUmedia World TV

Hi Folks, This Is James Bryant, Owner of NuMedia World TV, And, Global Founding Partner Of The Only Marketing System That Is 100% Hands Free!

NUmedia World TV is paying out huge bonuses and residual income and July has been our best month this year with over $100,000 already paid out to hundreds of excited promoters and customers.

And this is just the beginning of a life changing opportunity for so many NUmedia World TV believers.  Our global processing is about to get turned ON so you can sign up anyone from anywhere in the world. 
To Go With That, We Have The Most Technically Advance Automated Global Marketing System Ever Seen Or Produced On Planet Earth, A True Game Changer For Regular Folks.
Our Patented And Protected Automatic Global Marketing System Is About To Rock The Internet World.
If You Do Not Know Anything About Marketing, That's Okay Because Now, For The First Time In Human History, For As Little As A One Time $25 Investment, 
You Can Plug Into A 100% Hand Free Global Marketing System With Global Founding Partner Of Our Global Marketing System And NuMedia World TV Owner, James Bryant.
It Will Simultaneously And Automatically Sign Up Tons Of NuMedia Subscribers And Promoters For You, With No Effort On Your Part.
It Will Also Simultaneously And Automatically Build An Alternative Global Income For You That Will Be Life Changing With No Effort On Your Part.
For The First Time In Global History, Your Success Is Guranteed.
2 Automated And Duplicatable Global Income Systems With Guarantee Success.
Systems Duplicate, People Don't.
Digital Entertainment That Will Earn Hundreds Of Billions For Somebody Marketed For You Globally With The Most Ingenious And Technologically Advanced Automated Global Marketing System That Will Also Earn You Life Changing Income With No Effort On Your Part. 
Folks. For This Brief Time In Human History, Your Success Will Be Guranteed With Almost No Investment. This Is A True, Never Seen Before Game Changer.
Soon, you will hear that individuals are earning thousands in bonuses each Month... each Week... each DAY!!!

Global CC Processing and Commission Payment System...

NuMedia World TV has been planning on our coming global growth for many months now and we're ready.
We're adding our global credit card payment system in 120 countries that will Explode your NuMedia Globally.
Our Done For You Global Marketing System Will Guarantee Your Success.
We also added a global commission e-wallet system that allows us to pay all bonuses instantly to any member Of NuMedia in any most countries within minutes, And A Separate Wallet For The Money You Make By Allowing Us To Do Your Marketing. 
It's Almost Like We Are Paying You To Allow Us To Market For You.

Your NUmedia is the perfect company with the perfect product at the perfect time!

This is the perfect financial storm for you to change your life with NUmedia.  Check out the article below and see why NUmedia is about to revolutionize the media industry.  This is HUGE!
A Revolutionary Global Product, Revolutionary 100% Hands Free Global Marketing.

Get Free Trial Here

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Power Copy


  • How to Write Captivating, Cash-Pulling Headlines... You'll discover the three components of a good headline. Plus how to combine these factors for maximum cash-pulling effect!
  • Discover the two best ways to keep your prospect's eyes glued to your sales page! Unlock the secrets to crafting compelling sales letter or sales video script openers.
  • How to Create Irresistible Benefit Statements... This module shows you the right way to brainstorm, develop and showcase product benefits for maximum conversion!
  • Revealed: Get an inside look at the perfect video sales letter. Discover the essential ingredients to creating high-converting video sales letters that outperform text-only sales pages every time!

NuMedia World TV And OnPassive, A Match Made In Heaven.

Original NuMedia World TV Owner James Bryant Correspondence With Mr. Ash Mufareh, Original Founder Of The OnPassive 100% Hands Free Automate...