Tuesday, August 20, 2019

NuMedia World TV And OnPassive, A Match Made In Heaven.

Original NuMedia World TV Owner James Bryant Correspondence With Mr. Ash Mufareh, Original Founder Of The OnPassive 100% Hands Free Automated Global Marketing.
(Slightly Edited From Original Correspondence)

Mr. Mufareh,

An Honor To Correspond With You Sir.

My Name Is James Bryant, Owner, NuMedia World TV.
(An Authorized Distributor/Promoter For Numedia Global Inc.)

And Global Founding Partner Of Our 100% Hands Free Marketing System.

I Would Like To Respectfully Ask You To Consider My Company
In A Partnership Or System Integration.

We Are A Streaming Media Service With 10,000 Subscribers And Realistic Company Goals Of 500,00 Subscribers By Next Year Alone. We Offer A Referral Program Where Any Subscriber Can Earn $10 Monthly Off Of Anyone They Refer.

Every Subscriber Is Highly incentivized,
To Refer 5 People In Order To Get Their Service For Free.

I Have 100% Automated And 100% Immediately Duplicate-able Systems In Place To Give Away 1 Week Free Trials To Our Service.

Our Service Sells Itself. Our Automated And Live Follow Up Turns Free Subscribers
Into Paying Monthly Customers.

The Fact That Our Service Is The Best In The World Turns Those Customers Into Lifelong Loyal Customers. Getting Their Service For Free By Referring 5 Friends Is A Bonus. They Receive A Thousand Times Better Service And Totally Eliminate A Major Bill, For A Lot Of People, Their Cable Bill.

All Subscribers Are Constanly Being Reminded To Refer 5 For Free Service. They Are Also Marketed The Business Opportunity.

I Also Have Completely Automated, 100% Hands Free Systems In Place To Target Business Opportunists And Internet Marketers.

The Subscribers Who Are Just Checking Out The Opportunity Or The Home Business Opportunity Folks Go Through The Same Automated And Duplicate-able System That Will Recruit, Train, Educate And Inform Them On How To Get Their Streaming Media Entertainment Income Stream Up And Running Immediately, Properly And Ready To Make Money.


They Can Become A Promoter By Choosing Between A Promoters Package $149, $299 And $499 Earning Personal Referral Bonuses Of $75, $150 And $300 To Help Them Build Their Business Quicker.

I Have A Completely Automated And Duplicate-able System In Place Right Now, A Massive Step By Step Point And Click Website And A Complete Video Series To Make Sure Every Promoter Is Set Up Quickly, Properly And Ready To Make Money.

They Will Just Need Traffic. 

As You Can See, OnPassive Is The Core Of  My Automated Marketing Systems I Have In Place In The Streaming Media Entertainment Niche.

We Have Now Begun Our Global Launch. We Are In Every Country Near Abouts That OnPassive Is. Hundreds Of Thousands And Then Millions Of Subscribers And Business Opportunity Folks, All Needing Traffic To Expand And We Have The Solution.

A Massive Global Launch In The Streaming Media Entertainment Niche Plus The 100 % Hands Free Marketing Launch Of OnPassive 100% Hands Free Global Marketing To Eliminate The 97% Failure Rate Of Home Business Entrepreneurs. That Is Our Goal, That Is Our Passion.

I Honestly And Truly Believe NuMedia World TV And OnPassive Is A Match Made In Heaven.  The Perfect Opportunities To Match Together, The Billion Dollar Streaming Media Entertainment Market Plus  100% Automated Hands Free Targeted Traffic.

In My 30 Years Of Designing Automated Mass Marketing Systems,
This Partnership Is The  Perfect Storm.

Looking Forward To Future Correspondence,


James Bryant    1-800-622-6865        James@NuMediaWorld.com

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NuMedia World TV And OnPassive, A Match Made In Heaven.

Original NuMedia World TV Owner James Bryant Correspondence With Mr. Ash Mufareh, Original Founder Of The OnPassive 100% Hands Free Automate...